Manufacturing Risk Index 2017

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The manufacturing sector is at the center of a period of great change with far-reaching implications for businesses across the global industrial landscape.

In the current environment, cost remains the most significant location criteria for many companies, however the Manufacturing Risk Index assesses other fundamentals such as operating conditions and country risk profiles. We anticipate these, and other criteria, becoming more important contributors to future decision making. The index can be re-weighted, and therefore re-ranked, depending on varying scenarios. 

We consider three scenarios within this report:

  • The primary scenario - a highly automated scenario (balancing cost and operating conditions as main drivers for doing business)
  • A more cost sensitive environment
  • A manufacturer concerned more about local operating conditions

Simon O'Reilly and Neil McLocklin of Cushman & Wakefield's Global Occupier Services highlight some of the key issues raised in the Manufacturing Risk Index.

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