Business Incentives Practice

The Business Incentive practice assists corporations in reducing costs associated with expansions, consolidations, and relocations of business operations.

We identify, evaluate and negotiate incentives available to your business, while using our expertise to deliver optimal package solutions. 

Our clients represent all industries and sectors, ranging in size from Global 2000 firms to individual owners, occupiers and developers. You may require any of the following:

New operation or relocation

Most real estate initiatives can benefit from an incentives component. Whether your firm is establishing an operation in a new location or relocating to a more favourable location, Cushman & Wakefield can ensure that your company receives the optimal incentives package.

Long term commitment

If your company is not relocating, but instead making a long-term commitment in your current location, significant incentives may be available. Cushman & Wakefield can either explore this possibility, or create a credible option to relocate in order to negotiate the maximum package.


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