Industrial Location

The Industrial Location practice provides clients with location and site selection, facility master planning, facility due diligence and financial modelling and decision support services.

We partner with occupiers, investors, and developers that seek to align their industrial network and assets with business goals. You may be considering any of the following:

A new or relocating operation

Your company may be considering a new distribution centre, manufacturing plant, or research and development facility, or relocating an existing operation to a more favourable location.

Building a new facility

Your company is building a new manufacturing facility and wishes the design to optimise operations and reduce costs.

How Can We Help?

Location and site selection

Cushman & Wakefield is an industry leader in identifying the most favourable location for new businesses, or relocating manufacturing and distribution operations. Analytical terrains include utilities cost and infrastructure, environmental risks, transportation costs and access, labour costs and availability, and real estate availability.


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